Let's take a closer look at how your hair grows

Hair growth in science terms is known as mitosis which is a natural process within the follicles on your scalp where tiny cells duplicate over and over again to form a strand of hair.  At the base of your follicle you will find a spanner-like opening known as the  dermal papilla (E) which sends a signal to the stem cells (D), causing them to divide into keratin cells (Keratinocytes). As soon as these keratinocytes are formed, they dispel their nuclei causing them to die and become rigid and ‘disk-like’. Billions of these hard flat keratinocytes are produced every day, and the accumulation (building up of these cells inside the hair follicle) is known as Keratinization. They become a tightly packed and start to form a cylindrical coil, and if examined under a microscope you will see each strand is made up of 3 sections; (the soft inner cortex (H), the middle cortex (G) and the hard cuticle outer layer (F)).  The more keratinocytes produced, the more this coil gets pressured and pushed up and out of the follicle and scalp at an average speed of 0.85cm and 1.25cm per month, which we see as a strand of hair to the naked eye.  And that is how hair is grown.


A: Hard Disk Shaped Keratinocytes   |   B: Oval Shaped Keratinocytes   |   C: Soft Circular Shaped Keratinocytes   |   D: Stem Cells   |   E: Dermal Papilla
F: Outer Hair Strand Cuticle   |   G: Inner Hair Strand Cortex   |   H: Soft Inner Hair Strand Cortex


It's not luck, its science!

There are many factors that affect this incredible keratinization process (the overall growth speed) and the condition of your hair, which is why our Trichologist, Raphael Tome, spent 3 years carefully designing a product range that achieves a holistic approach to combatting all 6 major problems that cause the keratinization to slow down or stop.  As a result, he created the Quick Grow collection of scalp therapy shampoos, conditioners and supplements each containing powerful key ingredients that address these concerns within the body, the follicle and topically.  When our complete range is used collectively and as frequently as possible we have achieved an average growth speed of up to 3 times faster growing hair.  It’s not luck, it’s science! 

The Problem

Collagen reduction in skin affects the follicle, hair growth and overall hair condition.

Stress increases cortisol (blood vessel constriction) which essentially strangles the follicle and slows down the delivery of nutrients to the follicle and hair.

Increase of free radicals causes cellular damage, ageing and poor nutrient delivery and absorption.

Medications disrupts your growth cycles forcing your hair into a resting / shedding stage.

Keratinization (mitosis of cells within the follicle) slows down with age.

There are 9 essential amino’s (one in particular) that is essential to the production of keratin.

Our Solution

The overall health, elasticity, blood circulation and even moisture within the skin plays a crucial role in the overall condition and speed of hair grown and is directly linked to collagen within the skin.  Our entire range contains our Advanced Amino Technology™ which contains an abundance of all 18 amino’s, but 4 of which are the most important for collagen production and keratinization which are lysine, glycine, proline, Tryptophan.  These 4 powerful amino’s increase collagen within the skin.

One of our key ingredients is a unique herb called Horsetail silica.  This mineral is directly responsible for the improved communication and blood circulation around the follicle.  This phyto extract is a powerful communication amplifier that improves communication resulting in better nourishment delivered to the follicle when it needs it. Our products also contains Magnesium which counteracts the effects of cortisol (produced through stress).

Free radicals causes oxygen to split into unpaired electrons. Electrons like to be in pairs, so these atoms, called free radicals, scavenge the body to seek out other electrons so they can become a pair. This causes damage to cells, proteins and DNA.  Antioxidants keep free radicals in check. Antioxidants are molecules in cells that prevent free radicals from taking electrons and causing damage. Antioxidants are able to give an electron to a free radical without becoming destabilized themselves, which stops the free radical chain reaction of destruction.  Our capsules contain Grapeseed extract, a powerful antioxidant that assists the body in removing free radicals which drastically improves the cellular renewal process and its overall performance in keratin production.

Scientific breakthroughs have been made in this arena where combinations of specific ingredients have proven to prolong growing stages and shorten shedding cycles.  In short; prolonging the growing stage increases the signals we spoke about earlier, resulting in prolonged keratinization and faster growing hair.

One of these breakthroughs is creating and Sulphur rich environment within the follicles that increases the growing (Anagen) cycle, resulting in more hairs remaining in a growing stage for longer. Our shampoos and conditioners contain a unique proprietary blend that assists in creating and maintaining this sulphur rich environment within the follicles.

Biotin is the key component in synthesizing (breaking down) of amino’s and vitamins into the building material your follicles need to produce keratin. By delivering a Biotin, Vitamin and Mineral rich blend direct to the follicles through our Shampoo’s and Conditioners, we are enhancing and supporting the entire keratinization process where it needs it most.

Our bodies use amino’s, vitamins and minerals for all sorts of functions within the body including repair, fighting off infections and renewal of cells.  Your body does not see hair as a priority and will always use these components for more important functions as and where needed.  When you deliver an abundance of these key ingredients on a daily basis (by taking our Hair Shake) you are ensuring your body has an abundance of all aminos (especially the 9 essential aminos that cannot be synthesised from food) giving your body everything it needs to produce hair, skin and nails at its fastest rate.