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Advanced Amino Capsules

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Quick Grow Advanced Amino Capsules are a fast acting proprietary blend of amino, vitamin and minerals designed to nourish the hair for longer more beautiful hair.

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Quick Grow Advanced Amino Capsules 60

Quick Grow Advanced Amino Capsules are a fast acting proprietary blend of amino, vitamin and minerals designed to nourish the hair for longer more beautiful hair.

Essential Ingredients:

Horsetail or Equisetum arvense, contains the mineral silica which works to strengthen hair and nails. Not only does this mineral make your hair strong it improves the overall sheen and texture of it as well. Horsetail also contains selenium which is essential for proper growth of your hair.

Minofolex-HG is a proprietory blend of amino that assist the optimum quality of hair and skin.

Folic Acid plays a vital in hair growth, and it assists in the renewal of cells that aid hair growth. Folic acid deficiency can lead to premature graying and hair loss.

Grape seed extract is a strong antioxidant, good for your hair and nails by removing free radicals in the cuticle beds as well as in the hair follicles. These free radicals result in dry, brittle hair and easily broken nails. The circulation benefits that Grape seed offer assist your hair and nails to grow faster.

60 Capsules 1 x Months supply

Use: Take two tablets daily with meal

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29 reviews for Advanced Amino Capsules

  1. Jade tome

    My favourite hair supplement of all time! <3

  2. naydenevarnicker

    This product is truly worth every cent and it’s not even expensive!! My hair grew a lot and I didn’t take any special care of my hair, just did my normal hair routine and took the capsules every morning before breakfast. I LOVE this.


    Absolutely best hair growth products on the market just love it amazing brand xx best of the best


    Being a hairdresser, always having the urge to cut your hair, lead me trying out various products over the years. When I saw this I was skeptical that it wouldn’t really produce results. I asked a friend that had used it and went on her experience as I trusted where it came from, I can truly say this is the first ever product that actually shows results. The average hair growth per month is 1 cm, I’ve gotten 3cm’s in a month, That’s impressive, and to top it off, my normal hair fall has improved like crazy, me, my husband, and drain are loving it 🙂


    Makes your hair grow crazy fast!

  6. cdpalvie

    This is truly the best supplements i have ever used for optimal hair growth. You can see results fast. Nothing compares to this.

  7. chenewilson7

    my most favourite product ! so happy to see the improvements

  8. Yumna

    I have been purchasing these capsules for over a year and can honestly say it works wonders for my hair.. It makes it so much thicker and it grew incredibly fast. Love love love

  9. Jade tome


  10. zirkie.smit

    These tablets are amazing. Before using it, my hair probably grew less than 1cm per month. My hair now grows about 3cm’s a month since I started using it. I have twice since cut my hair, which reduced the length by 12cm’s but nobody even noticed as my hair just keeps on growing. Love all the products

  11. nblouws

    My favourite product of the range. Really works!

  12. Jade tome

    Great product!

  13. tylodelcarme

    These are absolutely amazing! i am in love with it 🙂
    results are seen sooooo fast!

  14. hollyanne.t

    I like to take care of my hair with hair masks and products but these vitamins take care from the inside. And it works! Love it and would recommend.

  15. hollyanne.t

    Works very well when taken with the shake, so pleased by results!

  16. hollyanne.t

    Live that these are vegan! This company just keeps getting better

  17. hollyanne.t


  18. biancazante (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Grest results I

  19. Andréa (verified owner)

    These capsules work wonders for my hair. I cannot get enough

  20. andreabrownley (verified owner)

    Completely in love with this product. Its been doing wonders to my hair.

  21. andreabrownley (verified owner)

    In love with these capsules

  22. biancazante (verified owner)

    Work amazing really does the job.

  23. tarryn.peters07 (verified owner)

    The best supplement capsules you can get. I get so excited in the morning to take 2 capsules because everyday is one step closer to long hair goals.

  24. arina

    Works well apart from keeping the hair looking healthy

  25. arina

    Quality product – Works well apart from keeping the hair looking healthy

  26. Tanya Verdoorn (verified owner)

    Amazing product !

  27. Danika Joubert

    Amazing product.

  28. Capricorn23 (verified owner)

    This product is worth the buy! Amazing results just by using the capsules.

  29. noormohamedhajira (verified owner)

    This product is beyond amazing i have been using it for a month now and i can already see the difference in my hair

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