We are committed to helping you grow your hair faster

Lifestyle, diet and stress affect the condition and growth speed of your hair, and the older we get the slower it grows! Our founder; trichologist Raphael Tomé designed a unique range of hair growth products that feed and nourish your hair, loved by industry professionals across the country and backed by a team who are passionate about your hair growth journey and customer satisfaction.  If its long hair you seek, you’ve come to the right place!

100% Vegan


100% Vegan Advanced Amino Capsules and Hair Shake in new exciting flavors!

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sulphate free

Original Range

Sulphate free, deep cleansing and nourishing topical range designed to feed your hair with essential aminos and vitamins.

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Blonde Icon

The worlds FIRST silver shampoo that tones your hair while assisting it to grow faster with our Advanced Amino patented blend.

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