Original Collection

Quick Grow Original is a complete hair growth range for natural, colour treated and darker pigmented hair. Sulphate and sodium chloride free, is not tested on animals and packaged in responsibly sourced and recyclable packaging. 

Blonde Icon Collection

Quick Grow Blonde Icon is a deep violet pigmented hair growth range specifically designed for blonde and highlighted hair. Sulphate and sodium chloride free, is not tested on animals and packaged in responsibly sourced and recyclable packaging. 

For Longer, Faster Growing Hair™


Recommended and trusted by hair and beauty professionals

Complete Hair Growth program

Unlike other hair growth ranges, we look at hair growth holistically and address it internally with supplementation and topically with our range of shampoos and conditioners.

Proprietary hair growth technology

Our Hair Growth products contain a proprietary blend of phyto herbal extracts, aminos, vitamins and minerals that deliver a recorded hair growth speed average of up to 3 times faster than average.

Formulated by Experts in
Hair Growth

Quick Grow has been designed and formulated by trichologist Raphael Tome with a team of hair growth formulating experts with over 25 years trusted experience to deliver our award winning product.

Average Hair Growth Speed
0.85cm and 1.25cm every 6 – 8 weeks 57%
Recorded Growth Speed using Quick Grow
We have recorded just under 4cms every 6 – 8 weeks 98%

Quick Grow at a glance

Your complete professional hair growth collection

VEGAN Hair Growth Capsules

2 Capsules a day is all you need

Our VEGAN Advanced Amino Capsules are one of the top selling hair growth vitamins in South Africa and trusted by hundreds of women across the world.  These capsules contain a unique blend of phyto extracts and Advanced Amino blend that assists in stronger, faster growing hair and nails.


Advanced Amino Hair Supplement Shake

Only 50 calories per serving

Our delicious strawberry flavoured Hair Shake is a hair growth enhancer and works best when used either with our capsules (our capsules direct the ingredients found in our Hair Shake to produce keratin faster) or our topical range (which use the ingredients found in the Hair Shake as building blocks within the follicle to produce hair at its fastest rate).


Sulphate-free Hair Growth Shampoos and Conditioners

Only shampoo your roots and scalp

Our shampoo’s and conditioners are specifically formulated for the scalp and works within the follicle of the hair to assist in speeding up mitosis (cellular reproduction).  Our shampoos and conditioners also contain high levels of a key signature compound that feeds the hair with essential vitamins, minerals and amino’s giving your hair the building blocks it needs to produce hair at its fastest rate.


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Flexible payment options

Pay off in 3 months, interest free!

Simply click on the Just Pay Now logo (as seen on individual products on our site), fill in the quick and easy form and pay off your hair growth products over 3 months, interest FREE!